I’m a master’s student and soon-to-be-graduate from MIT’s Comparative Media Studies department, where I worked as a research assistant in the Game Lab. During my time at the lab, I organized and hosted workshops, conducted field research, and created data visualizations. I’ve also done research for AnyKey, an organization dedicated to issues of diversity and inclusivity in esports.

I’m invested in building better social experiences online, by providing online citizens with tools for self-governance and moderation. I believe in developing theory through practice, but also making sure our practices are guided by concrete, coherent, and transparent roadmaps that form a solid basis for future forays into creating, and sustaining, healthy and positive online communities. In all of the above, I want to make sure that respect for both users and moderators performing this work remains a foundational value, and will hopefully guide later developments in this arena.

In my off-time, I have Opinions On Video Games, and also write guides on various things for friends. I like tea, amateur calligraphy, and neglecting Twitter.

You can contact me via email.